Saturday, 8 November 2008

Permanent Makeup advantages and disadvantages

What is permanent makeup?

The permanent makeup is also called Micropigmentation, and consists of the introduction of some pigments specific level of the epidermis. This implementation is painless and should be done with absolute guarantee of hygiene.

How is it done?
The technique is simple, it is introducing a very fine needle pigments in the specific area of the color desired and appropriate.

How long do you have?
It is a temporary treatment, the pigments are going to go to be absorbed through the skin. The duration is between one and a half years and two years later have to make tweaks to endure impeccable.

In what areas can be applied?
• Lips
• Eyebrows
• Eyelid (eye liner)
• Scars
• Vitiligo

What are the benefits of permanent makeup?
The advantages of permanent makeup are many depending on the area.

• appear that you're always massaged, you look good as long as you have done the work in a professional and appropriate.

• You can correct small imperfections.

• You can correct imbalances in small lips, inequalities of thickness.

• You can increase the lip contour.

• You can correct fix eyebrows blur or lack of excess hair depilation or scars.

• The eyebrows are very important because they frame the face, but by age are blurring, with the permanent makeup can give the desired shape to the brow on a permanent basis.

• With eye liner can make a very natural in both the upper and lower eyelid emphasizing and enhancing the look.

• We can give thickness to the lashes with a line very finite.

• It can be done in order to conceal scars breast halos produced by surgery or even make a new halo in the case of mastectomy chest.
What are the disadvantages or contraindications permanent makeup?

• You can not do the permanent makeup on freckles, warts, moles or skin lesions.

• You can not do the permanent makeup on patients with HIV positive people with allergies or major diseases.

• The day after treatment should not expose to the sun.

• Once the treatment will have an inflammation caused by the trauma caused by repeated penetration of the needle.

• A few days later and until we finish the healing process will have a small scab at the surface.

• Another disadvantage is that if we want to keep, we do touches every so often so that the result is favorable.

• If you are not done by a professional excellent results can be somewhat conducive and nothing natural.

VERY IMPORTANT, before becoming a permanent makeup treatment is very important to consult your dermatologist and make it a center for professional and aesthetics with security.


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